What price scholarship? The Scholar by Dervla McTiernan

The Scholar: From the bestselling author of THE RUIN (The Cormac Reilly Series Book 2)This is Dervla McTiernan’s second novel; it follows The Ruin and features many of the same characters.  The Scholar takes place in Ireland at a university and science lab.  A young former chemistry student is murdered.  As you read the novel, you may, like me, think that you know exactly how it will end.  I was  partially wrong as it was more complex than I had anticipated.

In addition to Della, the (first) victim, the novel tells the story of Carline.  She is heir to a great pharmaceutical company but does not feel fully accepted by the grandfather who owns it.  What will she do to try to ensure her place?  What will happen to her?

The first book’s primary detective was Cormac.  He is in a relationship with Emma who works for Darcy Pharmaceuticals, the lab at the heart of this story.  What will happen when Emma is both a witness and a potential suspect?

This sophomore effort by Ms. McTiernan is definitely worth reading.  I raced through it.  Fans of authors including Tana French should love this one!

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