ABOUT MY BLOG:: My goal is to give prospective readers a sense of what a title is about so that they can decide if a reviewed book is one that they want to further explore. I write fair reviews that are based on a thoughtful consideration of the title.

I am a social worker by profession, with a specialty in families and children. I am also a reading tutor for kids in grades k-4.

I value education and learning. I have my bachelor’s degree with a major in Sociology and a minor in English. I also have a Master’s degree in Social Work. I continue to take many classes. This knowledge enhances what I bring to my reading and reviews.

FUN FACT: Some of the countries where the blog has been read include the U.S., the U.K., Australia and Canada which have the greatest number of readers. There have also been readers from Germany, India, Turkey, Finland, Trinidad, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the Philippines, the Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, China, Pakistan, New Zealand, Denmark, Belgium, France, Indonesia, Qatar, Switzerland. Hong Kong, Italy and Thailand. NOW more countries to add: Japan, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Bangladesh, Norway, EU, Gambia, Netherlands, UAE. Malaysia, Peru and Ukraine.

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