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About the blog:  My aim is to give readers a sense of what the reviewed books are about so that they can decide if a title is one that they want to further explore.

About me:
I am a social worker by profession, with a specialty in families and children. I am also a reading tutor and I volunteer with children who have cancer and their families.

I love to read, recommend books and open the world of reading to others. I have adored mysteries ever since reading Nancy Drew for the first time. Some of my favorite mystery authors are Peter Robinson, Ann Cleeves, Anne Perry, Elly Griffiths, Elizabeth George, Fiona Barton, Susie Steiner, Val McDermid and… the list goes on. I also enjoy reading all kinds of fiction, including historical and women’s fiction, and non-fiction including biographies, books on religion and spirituality, self-help books, poetry, children’s books and cookbooks; everything really. I just love to read.

I continue to educate myself, though I have my bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Social Work. I have audited many English, religion, history, Art History and music classes. My knowledge enhances what I bring to my reading and reviews.


Reading is a great equalizer. Through books, new worlds can be entered and lives enriched. I have been an omnivorous reader for as long as I can remember. . I have a special interest in children’s books and the importance of encouraging young readers. I am open to reading and reviewing any book that looks captivating. I then write a fair review based on a thoughtful consideration of the title.



Fun Fact:
Countries where the blog has been read include the U.S., the U.K., Australia and Canada which have the greatest number of readers. There have also been readers from Germany, India, Turkey, Finland, Trinidad, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the Philippines, the Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, China, Pakistan, New Zealand, Denmark, Belgium, France, Indonesia, Qatar, Switzerland. Hong Kong, Italy and Thailand. NOW more countries to add: Japan, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Bangladesh, Norway, EU, Gambia, Netherlands, UAE. Malaysia, Peru and Ukraine.

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