Dive into this series

Product DetailsThe trend for Scandinavian mysteries continues.  My daughter pointed out an additional trend in these northern novels, when she observed that they include so many enticing food details and scenes of ordinary, daily life.  I wanted to eat with Nora and to visit the island of Sandham where she lives for the summer.

Viveca Sten is an author I did not know.  I just finished Still Waters and have immediately plunged into Closed Circles, the next in the series.  In her own country, Ms. Sten has sold millions of books.  I think that U.S. readers could also enjoy hunkering down with her novels.  The main characters come fully to life in a way that makes me want to follow them through the next books.  The final solution to the mystery is not the strongest part of the book but I did not mind as I so enjoyed everything else in this fun read.  Highly recommended.

I wish that I could shop here!

Product DetailsI have been “reading” this book in its audio edition.  A British novel, a British audiobook narrator; what could be better?  This is a charming story about the kind of store where a bibliophile would find bliss.  Well curated, family run, a good selection in stock and in a lovely town; indeed a perfect shop.  The stories of several characters are interwoven.  A really nice read to enjoy during the frantic holiday season.

Will you be persuaded to read this book?

Do we move on from past romances? Do we want to? What happens if we are given a second chance? Do we take it? In By the Book, we watch as Anne reconnects with her college boyfriend. Is he “the one” or is Rick, the rich, successful novelist? In this retelling of Austen’s Persuasion, we root for Anne as she explores her choices. The academic setting is fun. There are also subplots, involving Anne’s close friend, Larry, and Anne’s father so that the book is about different kinds of relationships.. The novel is an easy read and one that will be enjoyed by fans ofmodern day Jane Austen tales.

Upstairs/Downstairs in Carnegie’s Pittsburgh

Imagine that your family sends you (alone) to the U.S. because of financial hardship in Ireland and you will need to support your relatives back home. Imagine that you are able to take on someone else’s identity to become the servant of Andrew Carnegie’s mother. Will you be found out? Will your position be secure? These are among the premises of this richly detailed historical novel. Relationships between upstairs and downstairs, specifically between Clara and Andrew Carnegie are a major part of this novel. Read it too to learn more about the business world and women’s roles in the post Civil War U.S. Overall, an enjoyable read.

An enjoyable time in Wales

The Shadow of Death is a cozy mystery by an author who is new to me. The novel’s protagonist, Sister Agatha, is a Jessica Fletcher like amateur detective. In the book the reader finds murder, financial shenanigans and characters who have troubled pasts. The delights in the novel are the setting, the insights into modern (un-stuffy) religious life and the warmth of the characters. My guess is that we will be reading a sequel this time next year!

Peter Diamond is a gem

Product DetailsI have read all of the Peter Diamond mysteries.  I was first attracted to them because of their Bath, England setting.  Having lived in Bath, I was excited to visit fictionally.  The books do not disappoint if you like traditional mysteries leavened with some humor.  In this forthcoming entry, a body is found and questions arise as to whether the victim was Beau Nash, a famous historical figure.  This is a fun and intriguing mystery with well developed characters and an interesting plot.  Put it on your winter TBR list.

Enjoy getting to know this family

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

The novels in the Seven Sisters’ series are the first books that I have read by this author, although she has written other books before embarking on this series.  If you are able to suspend some disbelief around the formation of the family and how each sister could be connected to an historical person and time, these interlocking novels are a fun read.  Pa Salt has died (or has he?) leaving behind the six daughters whom he adopted.  There is a mysterious seventh daughter as well.  Each of Pa’s children is given clues to their biological family and, of course, each pursues her past.  The Seven Sisters takes the reader to Rio; The Storm Sister to Norway and The Shadow Sister to England.  The fourth book The Pearl Sister is to be released early next year, although it is out in the UK.  I plan to purchase it as sadly I was not approved to read this by my wonderful NetGalley.  The books are long but in a good way; the reader can relax and watch the stories unfold.  Not recommended for those who prefer literary fiction but otherwise, travel, find romance and be exposed to a bit of history with these siblings.  There will be several more novels forthcoming before all is revealed!