A true adoption story: Identical Strangers by Schiein and Bernstein

Identical StrangersThis book tells of a true life adoption story that is both fascinating and horrifying .  The joyous part is that two sisters, twins who were placed with different adoptive parents. reunite.  The tragic part has to do with how and why they were separated to begin with.  Pair reading this book with seeing the movie Three Identical Strangers.  Both have to do with the practices of the Louise Wise adoption agency in New York City.

A blurb:

Identical Strangers has all the heart-stopping drama you’d expect. But it has so much more—the authors’ emotional honesty and clear-eyed insights turn this unique story into a universal one. As you accompany the twins on their search for the truth of their birth, you witness another kind of birth—the germination and flowering of sisterly love.”—Deborah Tannen, #1 New York Times bestselling author of You Just Don’t Understand


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Learning to SwimI really liked this book when I read it a few years ago.  I immediately read the next in the series as well.  As it was a little while ago and I don’t recall the details, I will quote from Booklist.

“When Troy Chance spots what she thinks is a small boy being tossed off the back of a passing ferry, she instinctively jumps into the icy waters of Lake Champlain. She rescues the youngster and discovers that his arms were bound with an adult sweatshirt. He’s incredibly frightened, speaks only French, and won’t tell her what happened. Troy determines that she will keep him safe rather than turn him over to the police. When he finally begins to confide in her, he tells a bizarre tale of being kidnapped, hearing his mother murdered by gunshot, and then being held for months. As Troy tracks down the boy’s father, she begins to question whether she will be able to let him go, since he has unleashed within her a maternal instinct she had no idea she possessed. In her debut, the first in a projected series, Henry proves herself to be a smooth and compelling storyteller. And her lead is highly appealing: an athletic, fiercely independent young woman who, like crime-fiction author Gillian Flynn’s feisty females, is capable of making delightfully acerbic observations. –Joanne Wilkinson””

Let’s move, toddlers: My First Book of Gymnastics by Ouerghi

A fun introduction to the basic moves of gymnastics.  Each move is compared to the way an animal moves; young folk can slither like a snake, for example.  The illustrations are vivid and multi-cultural. Children and their parents can enjoy this book together as they bend, stretch, jump and use up some energy.  A cute addition for a toddler’s bookshelf!

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Fun and learning for pre-schoolers: ABC animals by Arrhenius

There are so many alphabet books for young children that parents are spoiled for choice. This one has a cute concept. The animals are not the most common ones so there is a little more surprise for the little learner. The book has bright, colorful illustrations that will engage youngsters. At the end, all of the animals are lined up for children to pick out and remember. This one is a good addition for early learners’ bookshelves.

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Food and Drink from Maine: Northern Hospitality by Volk

Andrew and Briana Volk have authored a lavishly illustrated compendium of food facts, recipes and cocktails.  All are influenced by the state of Maine, the city of Portland and Briana’s Finnish ancestors.  There are recipes for dishes like salmon soup, smoked trout with deviled eggs, summer vegetable stew, pretzels, butterscotch buddino with pistachio praline, etc.  To this are added cocktails both cold and hot.  There are side treks to places like Mohegan Island and information on things like how to shuck oysters.  A great resource for interesting food and drink with a special shout out to Maine, one of my own favorite places.

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Pub Day Post: Another Woman’s Husband

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This novel comes out in the U.S. today. I read the British version which has already been published.

Mary Kirk, Bessiewallis Warfield, Diana Spencer…their stories entwine in this historical novel that is largely based on truth. It is a page turning and fascinating look at life in America and Europe from 1912 until 1997.

Mary and Wallis became friends in their teens; Wallis married an American pilot; Mary married a French pilot. Wallis divorced and subsequently married Ernest Simpson. You probably all know who her third husband was… but do you know who Mary married next? I won’t spoil the book by telling you.

Mary and Wallis’s stories come alive in a glittering London. The story of Alex and Rachel, who are impacted by Diana’s death, takes place in 1997. Choices are made by all with implications and consequences. I truly enjoyed this book and suggest it highly to fans of historical fiction.

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Counseling Insights: Practical Strategies for Helping Others with Anxiety, Trauma, Grief, and MoreCounseling Insights will be an excellent resource for therapists and students of mental health. It is a clear, concise guide to possible ways to treat grief, depression, addiction, those who have suicidal feelings, those who struggle with gender identity and more. The book is written by multiple experts, each of whom is featured in a chapter. Especially helpful in the book are the case descriptions. Both novice and experienced mental health practitioners can think about their own interventions and how they compare with the ones suggested. This would also be a helpful guide to those who are starting private practices and want an overview of the issues that their clients may present. This is a succinct and useful book that deserves a place on the clinical bookshelf.

Thinking ahead to cooler weather: Sammy in the Fall by Bijsterbosch

Sammy in the Fall is a cute read-aloud with brightly colored, appealing illustrations. Young listeners will watch as Sammy. a cat, and his stuffed animal. a pony named Hob, enjoy a variety of fall activities. For example, they rake and play in the rain. There are many things to see in each illustration. from the pony to hedgehogs to ducks. The book takes place over the course of the day and ends with Sammy reading to his pony and going to bed. This is a sweet book for preschoolers.

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A trip for children: Meet Me at the Farmers Market by Pelto with illustrations by Wallace

When children are little, simple excursions are often quite enjoyable. In this read-aloud, children will get to experience the fun of a visit to some farmers’ markets. At the ones that Sophia goes to, there is lots of activity. There are friends to see, foods to eat, pets to enjoy and market goods to bring home. All of this is shown with both words and text.

The illustrations in this book are bright and cheerful. The text is simple. This is a pleasant short book that young children will enjoy.

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A good historical mystery; Treacherous is the Night by Anna Lee Huber

Anna Lee Huber began a new series last year when This Side of Murder was published. In Treacherous is the Night, the second novel featuring Verity Kent, the author hits her stride.

The reader learns early on that Verity was an agent in La Dame Blanche, a resistance and intelligence group, during WWI. This story has to do with events that had their origin in that time.

At the beginning of the novel, Verity, although not a believer, attends a seance with a friend who hopes to contact her brother. For those who don’t know, attending seances was common after the war. The medium appears to channel an agent with whom Verity worked during the war. From this point on, the novel is a hunt for clues to find Emilie and to prevent a tragedy. While the reader assumes that, since this is a series, Verity will survive, the author should be credited for creating suspense in her narrative.

There is a reason to read the books in order. SPOILER: This has to do with what happened to Verity’s husband, something the reader learns in the first novel. However, if the reader is willing to move forward, there is no reason that this novel cannot be read first.

I gave This Side of Murder three *** and am happy to give the new novel four. I enjoyed spending time with the main characters in this book and look forward to meeting up with Verity, Sidney and the rest of the crew in the future.

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