Get up and: Go Out and Play

by Adam Ciccio

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This beautifully illustrated rhyming story will hopefully spark something in kids. A very independent young skunk is urged to get outdoors. There are many activities that could appeal out there, everything from soccer to fishing to forts to wishing wells and more. The author and illustrator do a fine job of showing that these past times can offer as much of a good time as the things that are done indoors. I do note that our young skunk has minimal supervision so parents may want to address this if they feel the need.

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Ariadne by Jennifer Saint is an e book bargain for the week of 11.22.21

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I often wish that I remembered the Greek myths in more detail. I have spent time with Edith Hamilton and Stephen Fry but need to go back. So, I was not fully aware of who Ariadne was before I began this novel. At the start, I will say that I have seen some mixed reviews but I found this book to be interesting and engaging. Its’ main subject is the story of the titular character whose relative was the MInotaur.

Ariadne is a retelling of a well-known Greek story but from the woman’s point of view. It will be enjoyed by readers of other books including Circe.

Early in the novel, readers learn about Ariadne’s parents. They are Minos and Pasiphae. He was the ruler of Crete. She was the daughter of the sun god and is beautifully described in the beginning of the novel. What Minos did, how that affected Pasiphae and the circumstances of the Minotaur’s birth are told.

A number of stories of the Greek gods are dramatized. As readers may know, the gods are often like larger than life humans, full of passion, temper and more. They form the background of Ariadne’s world.

Others whom readers get to know include Theseus becomes involved with Ariadne. There are also Daedalus, Icarus and Phaedra. All of their stories led to an immersive read for me.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.


Enchanting…Saint expertly highlights how often the women of this world pay the price for the actions of the men around them. Lovers of mythology should snap this up.”
Publishers Weekly

Complex―and bold…Fans of Madeline Miller’s Circe will enjoy this faithful retelling that centers the often-forgotten women of Greek myth.”

Murder in a Scottish Shire is an e book bargain for 11.23.21

Murder in a Scottish Shire by Traci Hall

This is the first entry in what, I think, will be a series. The things that I loved most in this cozy mystery were the setting, the characters and the knitting. The story takes place in a small Scottish town that, aside from murder, sounds like an idyllic place to live. The protagonist, Paislee, is surrounded by family and friends. She runs Cashmere Crush, a friendly shop, for wool and knitting.
As often happens in mysteries, there are two murders. As an amateur, Paislee annoys the detective but…of course, finds the killer. I was pretty sure that I knew who this was and I was right. There is a clue that really points to the perpetrator.
This is a good book if you just want something easy and distracting. There is Scottish dialect which tries to add authenticity but can also be distracting.
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This Is How I Lied by Heather Gudenkauf is an e book bargain for 11.23.21

This is the first book that I have read by this author who has written a number of successful thrillers. The premise was intriguing. A high school student was murdered in a cave. Who did it? Why?
The case is not solved at the time. Now, a number of years later a new clue has been found and the case is being re-opened. During the initial investigation, the investigator was the father of one of the victim’s friends. Now, in the current time line, the detective is that daughter and friend, Maggie. She is heavily pregnant and volunteers to review the old files and work on the case.
I liked the setting of this story. However, I found that there were characters who were most unlikable including the victim’s sister, Nola, and the victim’s boyfriend from the time, a bully and abuser. I found that I did not enjoy the book as much as I had hoped because of these characters to whom I did not want to relate. I did want to see the case resolved however.
If you like your stories on the darker side, this may be for you. It was a tad too much for me.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

The Survivors is an e book bargain for 11.23.21

A Novel

by Jane Harper

Pub Date 02 Feb 2021   

The Survivors was my first encounter with a novel by Jane Harper although I have several of her books in my TBR pile. I only regret that it took this long to spend some time with this excellent author.

The Survivors is a bit of a slow burn of a book. It is set on Tasmania in a small community that is heavily impacted by the sea around it. The location with its small town, the beach, the caves and more is brought to vivid life. (Interestingly, I read that the author often thinks of place as one of the first things when she embarks on a novel).

There are many characters and they have numerous interconnections. Some are alive and some, who are no longer living, are those who were important to the novel’s characters in the past. Past tragedies, mysteries and disappearances all have their parts to play. There is also a murder in the present.

A sculpture called The Survivors was commissioned after a disaster at sea. But…there are other survivors as well. So, think about the title as you read.

This is a complex, rich novel and one that I highly recommend. I listened to it and the narration was very good. The male reader had the Australian accent that perfectly matched the story that he was reading.

Whether in book or audio format, I recommend this one highly.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

What will that legacy be?: A Christmas Legacy

A Novel

by Anne Perry

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Anne Perry began writing her Christmas novellas back in 2003. I think that “A Christmas Legacy” is the nineteenth of this ongoing collection.

These books are ones to enjoy every year. Each features a favorite character from one of Ms. Perry’s series. This year readers will spend time with the intrepid Gracie. Long term readers will know that Gracie had been a servant to Charlotte and Thomas Pitt. She became one of the family and often helped in solving cases. Gracie left service when she married one of the police officer who worked for Thomas.

As this novella opens, Gracie is the mistress of her own home. She has a children whom she adores. All seems well. However, when Millie, the daughter of someone well-known to Gracie, seeks help, there is no way that Gracie will refuse.

As a result, Gracie temporarily finds herself back “in service.” What is going on in the home where she works? Why is food disappearing, especially sweets? Who is a mysterious party that is hidden from view? Why is the family having so much difficulty?

Readers will enjoy spending time with Gracie as she works all of these questions out. She is a most likeable character.

Please note: those who have never read books by Ms. Perry can still enjoy this title.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.