Count on spending some time with Ada Lovelace

I have read Jennifer Chiavarini’s quilting novels and enjoyed them all. Of her historical novels, I have read Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival and found the story to be quite interesting. So…I was truly looking forward to reading this book. I found the history to be fascinating. While I knew something about Byron’s relationship with his cousin, I knew less about his marriage. I knew almost nothing about Ada and her complex relationship with her mother. Reading about her life was compelling. I would rate this book more highly except that I wished the narration had been a bit livelier.

Make time for this book

Product DetailsJacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs series goes from strength to strength.  The first books took place during WWI while, in this latest entry WWII, has just been declared.  Maisie continues to be a fascinating character; she is highly intuitive and compassionate.  In this novel, Maisie investigates the deaths of several victims who were refugees from Belgium.  Learn what connects them and also read this book for the beginning of Maisie’s relationship with a young war evacuee.  I always love catching up with this series’ regulars including Maisies’s father, Frankie; stepmother, Brenda; along with Priscilla, Lady Rowan, Billiy and Sandra.  A highly (!) recommended read.

A felicitous and truly awesome (I mean it) book of poems

I absolutely adore this book which is filled with the richness of love,  relationships and nature.  There is  an abiding spiritual sense flowing through these poems which are deep but accessible.   A few of my favorites are Don’t Worry, Moments, I Wake Close to Morning, Whistling Swans and Everything That Was Broken.  But…dig in anywhere.  You will be so very glad that you did!

Train your eyes on this title

Product DetailsI read this book a year or so ago but have been thinking about it again for two reasons; first, in England, they are making a television series with the author as she trains her second hawk and the other reason is that I have been thinking about how we mourn and acknowledge deaths of those we love.  This book has so much in it; there is biography, the training of the hawk and a great deal about T H White who had a very difficult time with his own hawk.  T H White wrote one of my all time favorite books, The Once and Future King, so I was fascinated to learn more about him.  Sadly, he had a rather tragic life.  This book is highly recommended for nature lovers, lovers of T H White and those looking for a meaningful memoir.

Enjoy your stay on Rose Island

This is a relaxing read; the type of book that I read before going to bed at night. Darcy and Riley make an appealing couple. While the story is somewhat predictable, that is not a bad thing as this is the sort of book that one reads expecting good things to prevail. There was back story on the main characters which added some depth. The town, the villagers and the lighthouse are all lovingly described. So…an enjoyable read for those who like light romantic novels..

A northwest cozy

This is the first book that I have read by this author; she has one previously published mystery in the series. Each chapter begins with a literary quote from either Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre. These presage events and/or emotions experienced by the characters in the chapter. I enjoyed the quotes and the many book references throughout the novel. The main characters were appealing although overall the characters and mystery would have benefited from greater depth and nuance. This was a good, cozy read.

Spend part of your holiday season with this one!

Books and novellas by Anne Perry are always most welcome! This year, the author’s Christmas story gives the reader the opportunity to get to know Charlotte Pitt’s grandmother, Mariah Ellison, better. Mariah struggles with her own past as she tries to right a past injustice. Mariah is human, flawed, strong and admirable, much as we all are. Anne Perry writes with compassion and understanding. A great holiday gift for any fan of this author’s series. Highly recommended.

The Seagull Soars

The Seagull: A Vera Stanhope MysteryThe Seagull is a Vera Stanhope mystery, a novel in one of Ann Cleeves’ two series, both of which are excellent. (The other books are the Shetland novels.) Both are also TV dramas available in the U.S. and originally from Britain.
I especially enjoyed this book because of the back story. The reader learns more about Vera’s parents and her childhood. I also enjoyed spending time with favorite characters, including Holly and Joe.
This novel is about an historical crime with implications for the present. The story is well told and the pages kept turning. Highly recommended.