A heads up for March

The Punishment She Deserves: A Lynley NovelTo Die but Once: A Maisie Dobbs NovelTwo long standing series have new entries out this month.  The Punishment She Deserves will be released on March 20th and To Die But Once the following week.  To speak of the second first…the Maisie Dobbs series is a wonderful read for those who like historical mysteries where the characters you come to love continue to grow and develop.  Maisie was born to the servant class but, as you will learn, she attends university and becomes a nurse during WWI and later an enquiry agent.  Her teacher Maurice Blanche was unique and imparted a world view to his mentee.  The series is now up to WW II.  I most definitely will read this latest entry.  I can’t wait and maybe you can’t too.

I have read every book in the Elizabeth George Inspector Lynley series.  The early ones were truly unputdownable.  Some of my favorites were Payment in Blood, For the Sake of Elena, In the Presence of the Enemy and most especially With No One as Witness.  However, you would not want to read WNOaW out of order because of what happens in that novel.  However, I then felt that Elizabeth George’s books were no longer quite so good.  As regards the new novel,  I requested it from NetGalley but have not yet been approved.  However, the NetG reviewers have all been giving it five stars so I think I will read this very lengthy book (at over 600 pages) when it is released and will purchase it if not approved.  Let me know what you think if you read this one or Maisie Dobbs.

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