A Place to Remember (fondly)

  A Place to Remember is women’s fiction at its finest and most absorbing. Set in Australia, the descriptions of place were vivid and brought this story to life. The characters were easy to engage with and I enjoyed reading about them. There are two stories, that of a mother/daughter and father/son who come to care deeply for each other as the reader does too. Romance is in the air but its course is not smooth. There are some less likeable characters as well although clearly the reader is not meant to like them. This book would make a perfect pairing with the series A Place to Call Home that is available on acorntv.com in the U.S.

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3 thoughts on “A Place to Remember (fondly)

  1. Joyce, thank you so much for your lovely review. I absoutley ADORE A Place to Call Home. It’s one of the best series to come out of Aust. Sadly, they have put it on Pay TV here and as I live in a caravan these days, travelling around the country, I can’t access the program. But thx again. Your review made my day.


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