Prepublication Offer

Between You and Me: A Novel: 3If you have read and enjoyed books by Susan Wiggs, I saw an offer today that you might welcome.  Between You & Me will be published in June.  For today only, you can preorder the ebook for $4.99 from sites like Amazon.  This is good news if you tend to buy this author’s new releases.  Below is Amazon’s summary of the novel:

“Deep within the peaceful heart of Amish country, a life-or-death emergency shatters a quiet world to its core. Number-one New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs delivers a riveting story that challenges our deepest-held beliefs.

Caught between two worlds, Caleb Stoltz is bound by a deathbed promise to raise his orphaned niece and nephew in Middle Grove, where life revolves around family, farm, faith—and long-held suspicions about outsiders. When disaster strikes, Caleb is thrust into an urban environment of high-tech medicine and the relentless rush of modern life.

Dr. Reese Powell is poised to join the medical dynasty of her wealthy, successful parents. Bold, assertive, and quick-thinking, she lives for the addictive rush of saving lives. When a shocking accident brings Caleb Stoltz into her life, Reese is forced to deal with a situation that challenges everything she thinks she knows—and ultimately emboldens her to question her most powerful beliefs.

Then one impulsive act brings about a clash of cultures in a tug-of-war that plays out in a courtroom, challenging the very nature of justice and reverberating through generations, straining the fragile threads of faith and family.

Deeply moving and unforgettable, Between You and Me is an emotionally complex story of love and loss, family and friendship, and the arduous road to discovering the heart’s true path.”

Summer at Willow Lake (The Lakeshore Chronicles) by [Wiggs, Susan] I first read a Susan Wiggs novel when I picked up this book.  Summer at Willow Lake tells the story of the camp in the Catskills (New York) that Olivia Bellamy is renovating for her grandparents.  While doing this work, Olivia recalls her past summers at the camp and of course, this includes a past romance.  This novel was an easy read about a family whom I enjoyed getting to know.  This was a good thing (!)  as it is the first in the Lakeshore Chronicles, each of which features members of the clan and I have now read them all.  Highly recommended if you enjoy  calm reads about good people.  I loved how both new and old characters interacted over the course of the series.  Booklist comments on Summer at Willow Lake: “How good is perennially popular Wiggs in her new romance? Superb. Wonderfully evoked characters, a spellbinding story line, and insights into the human condition will appeal to every reader. ”  Enjoy

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