Today’s e-book bargains (La Plante and Perry)

Prime SuspectThe Face of a Stranger: The First William Monk NovelDid you see Tennison on PBS’s Mystery Series?  Have you seen Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren?  If so, you know about Jane Tennison, both as a rookie and a more experienced investigator.  These series began with the novels by Lynda La Plante.  Today, you can purchase this novel for $1.99.  It may start you on a roll of either reading or watching the series, or maybe even both.

The Face of a Stranger is available for $2.99 today.  No, I do not work for Anne Perry despite my many blog posts but you know that I like her historical mysteries.   This is the first of Ms. Perry’s William Monk, as compared to Thomas and Charlotte Pitt, novels.  The premise is that Inspector Monk has amnesia that impacts his knowledge of his past history.  He does not know whom he may have wronged or offended and yet he must continue at his job in order to survive.  It is a great premise and this book opens a wonderful series.  You will enjoy getting to know Monk, Hester who was a nurse in the Crimean War and Oliver Rathbone, an attorney in this and the later novels.  If you are looking to begin a new series, seriously consider this one!  I never regretted it.

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