E-book bargains (not an April Fool’s Joke) Muller, Haines, Delinsky

These books are all quite different from one another but all may be worth your time.

Someone Always Knows (A Sharon McCone Mystery) by [Muller, Marcia]  Marcia Muller has a long running series whose protagonist Sharon McCone, I have enjoyed following through many, many books.  If you begin at the beginning, in addition to the mysteries, you learn so much about Sharon’s relationships and her family.  This is the best sort of series with good mysteries and on-going relationships among the characters.  Someone Knows is currently available for $2.99.  “Top-notch mystery and more from one of the genre’s Grand Masters.” Library Journal”

Rock-a-Bye Bones: A Sarah Booth Delaney MysteryThis is also from a long running series and available for $2.99.  Again, starting from the beginning could be a good idea for some of the character development and relationships.  Sarah Booth Delaney is a very Southern but sassy woman who is “haunted”/advised by a ghost on the plantation where she lives.  Jitty is a fun character and these are not particularly woo-woo books, so don’t let that put you off.  Each novel has its own mystery with welcome appearances from favorite characters in Sarah Booth’s life.  In this entry,  “She opens the door to find a newborn baby in a basket sitting on her front porch…and a pool of blood slowly seeping out from the basket. Before she can respond, an engine guns and a dark vehicle takes off.”  You need to read the book to learn what happens next in this entry in a truly enjoyable series.

Blueprints: A NovelTwilight Whispers$1.99 for these novels by an excellent writer of women’s fiction.  Twilight Whispers is an earlier novel while Blueprints came out in 2015.  Each tells its own story, meaning the two novels are not related.  I plan to read TW but have not as yet so here is a borrowed blurb: “Linked for years through friendship and intermarriage, the Warren and Whyte families find their charmed world is marred when Mark Whyte and his wife Deborah Warren are found murdered. Police detective Robert Cavanaugh, working on a tip about dissension within the families, sets out to examine the mystique behind their wealth and power.”  Let me know if you like this one.

Blueprints is about a tv show, a mother/daughter, an ex-husband, a parentless toddler…but never feels over done.  Blueprints is an apt title as it reflects the mother/daughter’s occupations of carpenter and architect and the ways in which we can/cannot make a blueprint for a life.

So…a little reading for those who have had enough matzo or Easter eggs!

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