A great cozy-ish series (Albert)

Thyme of Death (China Bayles 1)Queen Anne's Lace (China Bayles Mystery)I have been spending time in Pecan Springs, Texas for over twenty years.  Pictured are the first and last books of the series with over twenty novels in the middle. In these books, Susan Wittig Albert has created a place that feels real, peopled with characters that feel genuine, decent and real while also having a central mystery in each book. The characters grow over time as we learn more about their histories.  China Bayles, the protagonist, is a Texas lawyer who did not want to pursue that career any longer.  She moves to small town Texas where she opens an herb and plant shop. China meets a number of folks along the way, including the crystal reading Ruby who owns a shop nearby.  There is also Mike McQuaid and his son, Brian along with their dog.  Mike represents the police in the early books.  Each of the novels has a self-contained mystery with the author bringing in enough information that you do not have to read the series in order (though I recommend reading in order).

SPOILERS:  Ruby had a baby for whom she planned adoption; China’s mother has a complex history while what happened to China’s father and half brother?

SPOILERS DONE:  You will want to know what happens to each of these characters. I am eager to begin the latest novel which came out last week.  I have not missed a single one and will continue to read about China and Co for as long as the author lets me.  Please keep writing Ms. Albert!


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