See if you are charmed…(Haines)

Carolyn Haines has been writing her Sarah Booth Delaney series for years. I am pretty sure that this is book number 18. The first novel in the series, Them Bones, was original and charming. Part of the charm has to do with the presence of Sarah Booth’s “haint” Jitty.  She is a ghost from plantation days. Don’t let that put you off the book; Jitty is a fun character and somewhat of a truth teller/foil for Sarah Booth. The many residents of Zinnia, MS also come to life in the series. There is Sarah Booth’s partner, Tinkie, along with many love interests for Sarah Booth over the course of the novels. These are character with whom I love to catch up.
The latest book has to do with witch sisters who want to set up a very ecologically conscious school. There is plenty of skulduddgery, attempted murder and mayhem. While this was not my favorite book in the series, it was still a fun read. Readers might want to start from the beginning and watch how the characters’ lives develop.

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