A great walker (Hughes)

This is a perfect book for questioners and young city planners! In this engaging, short read, with wonderful illustrations, Ms. Hughes tells the story of Jane Jacobs. Jane was an “outside the box” thinker from her earliest childhood when she rebelled by refusing to promise to brush her teeth every day. When Jane moved to New York City as a young woman, she began to think about how people live together and the ways in which cities should work for their residents, not the builders or those who wanted to build highways. Her clashes with Robert Moses and her love of where she lived and what she did shine through.

A quote:

“Throughout her lifetime and beyond, Jane Jacobs urged city planners to make cities better for the people living in them.  She inspired communities to take a stand..She also encouraged everyone living in cities to look around…”  Good advice and a good book!

Thanks NetGalley and the publisher.

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