Wedding season is coming (Thayer)

As June approaches, love and weddings start to be on people’s minds. If you don’t have a real June wedding to attend, take some time to spend a fictional summer on Nantucket and be a guest at a wedding there.
David and Alison are a middle aged couple who have found love after their spouses died. Their relationship is sweetly portrayed. The drama in the novel comes from the intricacies of their adult children’s relationships. There are Alison’s children. First is Jane who is married to Scott; both are hardworking but are they right for each other? Then we have Felicity and her husband, who spends a lot of time at work with his assistant. Will their marriage survive? Does Felicity want it to? Then there are David’s children; pregnant Poppy and her playboy brother. Poppu wants to take over her father’s company but is she prepared?  She  does not want to welcome Alison in to family. There is also Poppy’s playboy brother who may create a lot of havoc.  Read this novel to find out how all of these dramas play out. Along the way, you will be treated to a generous and lovely slice of life on Nantucket. Enjoy!

#AnantucketWedding #NetGalley

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