For lovers of Anne with an E (George)

Anne Shirley is one of the most beloved characters in children’s fiction.  She has helped to make Prince Edward Island a place that Anne lovers dream of visiting.  Anne has spunk, imagination, honesty, deep feelings and a sense of adventure.  Anne Arrives tells the story of Anne’s beginnings at Green Gables.  In addition to Anne, of course there are Marilla, Matthew and Mrs. Lynde.

This is a book with short chapters for beginning readers.  The essence of the plot is there and Anne’s character shines through.  The illustrations are gorgeous and will add to the young reader’s enjoyment of the story.  Hopefully, Anne Arrives is the first in a series!  Thanks for this read NetGalley and the publisher.

By the way, for Anne fans, a restaurant in New York City is having an Anne brunch on Canada Day this year.  It should be great.  A book for all, food and movies.

#AnneArrives #NetGalley

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