E-book bargains (Finn and Lovett)

This book has gotten a lot of good publicity.  It is the author’s first novel and a thriller, kind of in the mold of Rear Window.  I have not read it but purchased it when it was on sale today.

The Bookman's Tale: A Novel of ObsessionI also bought The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett.  His books are a blend of mystery, romance and the historical.  I truly enjoyed the two that I read and look forward to this one.  Those that I read were First Impressions (related to Jane Austen) and The Lost Book of the Grail which I loved and blogged on.  I will reprint that post below.

The Lost Book of the Grail: A NovelI adored this book.  It has everything that an Anglophile could possibly want.  There are churches, books and searches.  There is romance between a Brit and an American.  There are mysteries and family connections. There are even arguments about print versus digital.   On your first cold night in this fall, imagine you are by the fire and enjoy this read!

Of course, it is a good summer read too!

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