E-book bargains (Cleveland and Locke)

Need to Know: A Novel by [Cleveland, Karen]I blogged on this book yesterday, only to find that today it is an e-book bargain!  This is a fun, suspenseful read with quite a twist.  So, here I am recommending it again.

The Cutting Season: A Novel by [Locke, Attica]I read this one awhile ago and enjoyed it.  Two mysteries are intertwined; one is about the murder of a slave many years ago and the other a current murder at the plantation Belle Vie.  I am including additional information about this book below.

From Booklist

In this atmospheric follow-up to Black Water Rising (2009), Locke once again confronts matters of race and conscience. Some days, Caren Gray can hardly believe she is still rooted to Belle Vie, the Louisiana plantation where she grew up, where her mother was a cook and her great-great-great-grandfather was a slave. Now the single mother to a nine-year-old daughter, she manages the showplace, which has long been owned by the prosperous Clancy family and is a popular site for weddings and banquets. Despite the beauty of the house and grounds, Caren still feels uneasy whenever she visits the former slave quarters, a stark reminder of the antebellum plantation’s notorious past. When a cane worker is found with her throat slit, Caren is drawn into the investigation as the police target one of her employees as the murderer. Soon, though, Caren learns some rather unsavory information about the Clancy family and their nefarious dealings in both the past and the present. This is a nuanced look at the South’s tragic past and one strong woman’s stand against ingrained cultural and economic oppression. –Joanne Wilkinson
Note that the author’s most recent book is Blackbird, Blackbird which is on my TBR stack.

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