An e-book bargain: The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables

Readers of this blog know that I rarely give five star reviews but I did for this one!

Many of us have warm memories of Anne of Green Gables, both from the novel and the Megan Folows and Colleen Dewhurst TV series. An updated series Anne with an E can now be streamed on Netflix, although I have not seen it. Anne was a favorite character for me and I have reread the novel as an adult. So…as you can imagine, I was excited to learn about this book. It is wonderful! I was torn between moving ahead quickly and savoring. This is a book to be enjoyed for the many photos and for the insight into Maud Montgomery’s life. Even if you have never read Anne of GG, this book provides a lovely, serene and visual armchair travel experience. Highly recommended!

One thought on “An e-book bargain: The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables

  1. I love the original TV miniseries from the 80s, but when I tried to watched the new Netflix series Anne with an E, I couldn’t even sit through the first episode. It was just…off. It was as if the creators wanted to do a modern take on that time period and it just didn’t fit. But still, Anne of Green Gables remains one of my favorite books and this book looks really interesting! Thank you for sharing it!


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