A busy pub day; here are some posts: Little Concepts ABC Animals, Northern Hospitality, The Sporting Horse, Good Morning Neighbor and My First Book of Gymnastics.

There are so many alphabet books for young children that parents are spoiled for choice. This one has a cute concept. The animals are not the most common ones so there is a little more surprise for the little learner. The book has bright, colorful illustrations that will engage youngsters. At the end, all of the animals are lined up for children to pick out and remember. This one is a good addition for early learners’ bookshelves.

Andrew and Briana Volk have authored a lavishly illustrated compendium of food facts, recipes and cocktails. All are influenced by the state of Maine, the city of Portland and Briana’s Finnish ancestors. There are recipes for dishes like salmon soup, smoked trout with deviled eggs, summer vegetable stew, pretzels, butterscotch buddino with pistachio praline, etc. To this are added cocktails both cold and hot. There are side treks to places like Mohegan Island and information on things like how to shuck oysters. A great resource for interesting food and drink with a special shout out to Maine, one of my own favorite places.

This is the perfect gift book for riders and those who love horses. Some of you out there may well want to make this book a gift to yourself. Many disciplines including dressage, show jumping, polo, carriage driving, eventing, and others are described in this lush book. The importance of the bond between horse and rider is emphasized with the author describing horses as animals who are eager to please. The reader can dip in and out of the book, reading about the horse encounters they most love or they can learn about new disciplines and sports. The photographs throughout are stunning. Highly recommended for horse folk! Many thanks to NetGalley and Quarto for this one.

This is a very appealing picture book that will be an enjoyable read-aloud for young children. It is the story of animals who work together to make a cake. Cooperation is a clear theme but it is gently presented. Throughout the book, there is repetition reminiscent of the old children’s game, “I am going on a trip and I packed…” Young children will enjoy how the book repeats as it then adds the next animal character and that animal’s contribution to the baking project. Children can play a fun memory game by trying to recall the critters and their ingredients in the correct order. The illustrations are lovely and feel reminiscent of that great master, Eric Carle. All in all, I highly recommend this one!

A fun introduction to the basic moves of gymnastics. Each move is compared to the way an animal moves; young folk can slither like a snake, for example. The illustrations are vivid and multi-cultural. Children and their parents can enjoy this book together as they bend, stretch, jump and use up some energy. A cute addition for a toddler’s bookshelf!

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