Take that, worry! Worry Says What by Edwards

In this picture book, worry is anthropomorphised into a large gray monster that looks a bit like a critter from a book by Maurice Sendak.  Worry tells the unnamed little girl that she cannot do things, will not be liked and is not safe at night.  Sometimes Worry whispers while at other times Worry shouts.  Worry follows her everywhere.  The young girl in the story learns how to successfully talk back to Worry and notices that Worry then shrinks in size and moves on to someone else.  Interestingly, in this story, the girl figures things out for herself; she does not turn to an adult.  This may be an empowering message for children although perhaps the book would have been strengthened by showing a connection to a trusted adult as well.  At the end of the book there are strategies for adults to help children.   Recommended as a good addition to a young person’s mental health bookshelf, for school libraries and for those who work with children.

#WorrySaysWhat #NetGalley

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