An inspiring entry in an inspiring series: Little People, Big Dreams: Jane Goodall by Vegara

This is a truly inspiring story in a continually inspiring series.

Jane Goodall knew what she wanted from a young age and figured out a way to realize her dream. Starting from the moment that her father gave her a stuffed animal named Jubilee, Jane was in love with chimpanzees. Unable to afford university, she made her way to Africa, met Leakey and began to patiently observe chimps in the wild. Touchingly, she named the animals and did not only see them as research subjects. Through patient study, Jane learned a great deal and made an amazing discovery (read the book to find out what this was). In later years, she has fought tirelessly for our environment.

Jane is a determined woman and her story will encourage young readers to be determined in setting and keeping to their own biggest hopes and dreams.

Highly recommended! Thanks to NetGalley, Quarto and the author for this excellent entry in an excellent series.

#JaneGoodall #NetGalley

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