Toddler’s Books: Sweet or Sassy; One Patch of Blue by Jocelyn and O is for Old School by Tyler

I found this to be a very sweet board book for toddlers.  The patch of blue from the child’s jeans is found in a series of colorful and appealing illustrations.  For example, it becomes part of a sign, a ferris wheel, a stained glass window etc.  This is a charming, wordless picture book.

#OnePatchOfBlue #NetGalley

This is a very hip alphabet book.  It will be enjoyed by adults with a sense of humor as the double meaning of the word for each letter of the alphabet is given.  Not for the traditional parent but there will be those out there who will find this to be fun.  A vocabulary and definition list is provided at the end of the book.

#OisForOldSchool #NetGalley

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