Now out and highly recommended! The Lace Maker’s Secret by Ernst

The Lacemaker's Secret (Chloe Ellefson Series #9)Kathleen Ernst goes from strength to strength. I so enjoyed last year’s book, Mining for Justice, and was hoping that this new novel would be as absorbing. It is! The Lace Maker’s Secret, set in Belgium and Wisconsin, has a dual narrative structure. The modern part of the novel takes place in the 1980s while the historical narrative begins in the 1800s and moves through WW I. While the murder mystery was there, the remarkable parts of the novel are the sections where the author describes life for Belgian immigrants. The characters of Seraphine and her family members truly come to life and the hardships that they experience are heartbreaking. I did not know about this time in Wisconsin’s history and am amazed by what I learned. As always, it was good to spend time with protagonist, Chloe, and her boyfriend, Roelke. The relationship between the two continues to grow in this novel. I recommend all of the novels in this series with a special shout out for The Lace Makers Secret and Mining for Justice. Thanks for this book NetGalley!

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