Some great reading suggestions: The Algonquin Reader

This is a fantastic sampler of books that are being published by Algonquin. Included is an excerpt from new book by B. A. Shapiro whose new novel is about post Impressionist Art, the Barnes Foundation and Paris in the 1920s. I am quite excited about this one as I have been a frequent visitor to Philadelphia’s Barnes Foundation and have taken a class on Contemporary Art.

There is another fictional story set in the world of art, Heather Rose’s The Museum of Modern Love. This is about the artist Marina Abramovic.

There is also Mesha Maren’s debut novel which takes place in West Virginia. It is a book which explores the meaning of home. The novel was written when the author lived in a one-room cabin in the state.

Also included are a short story collection by D. Wystan Owen and books by Gina Wohlsdorf and Tim Johnston. (Ms. Wohlsdorf’s novel, Blood Highway is a thriller while Tim Johnston is a crime story.)

Of note is that the sampler includes essays with the authors. These may serve to whet your appetite for reading their works even more.

So…lots of good suggestions for reading as we move toward fall’s shorter days.

Thanks for this sampler NetGalley and the publisher.

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