One that I want to read! The Witch Elm by Tana French

Witch Elm

I have adored all of the Tana French novels.  Start with In the Woods and work your way forward.  In a clever schema, the first book has detectives A and B, the next detectives B and C, etc.  This keeps the books fresh by keeping old characters while introducing new ones.

Tana French’s newest book is a standalone.  It is one of the books that I have most looked forward to reading this fall.

From Goodreads:

Dublin crime novelist Tana French has the kind of critical reviews that other writers would…well, die for. Her debut murder mystery, In the Woods, won rave reviews and multiple literary prizes upon its release in 2007. Since then, her books have tended to haunt the bestseller lists, on both sides of the pond, and for months at a time. British newspaper The Independent has dubbed French “The First Lady of Irish Crime,” and The Washington Post says she is the most important crime novelist to emerge in the past ten years.

Like her literary hero Patricia Highsmith, French writes psychological thrillers that plunge fearlessly into the darkest depths of the human psyche. Her Dublin Murder Squad series includes the novels In the Woods, The Likeness, Faithful Place, Broken Harbour, The Secret Place, and The Trespasser. Where some writers aim for labyrinthine story lines, French specializes in labyrinthine character studies. In her stories, murder and motive emerge not from circumstance and opportunity, but from dark places of the heart and mind.

Her new novel, The Witch Elm, invites readers along on yet another ambitious expedition into the remote wilds of human psychology. Marketing specialist Toby, happily employed at a hipster art gallery, has lived a charmed life. He’s one of those people we’ve all come across—the guy who gets all the breaks. But on one fateful night, Toby’s luck runs out. Beaten to the brink of death by a pair of mysterious burglars, Toby retreats to his family’s ancestral home to recuperate. Brain damage is causing Toby’s memories to flicker and fade, but things really get weird when a human skull is discovered in the garden elm tree…

This novel has received absolutely amazing reviews.  I will add  mine once I have read the novel.  I both want to start and wait so as to have a fantastic read to look forward to.


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