We are different and the same-One Day So Many Ways by Hall and Lora

Some examples…


Going To School – Shetland, Scotland

Around the world, children travel to school in different ways. Some go by car , some go by bike and some go by bus. How would you like to get to school? Shetland, Scotland: Jimmy and Mhairi wave to seals from the ferry on their way to school.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN One Day So Many WaysBreakfast – Taipei, Taiwan

The first meal of the day can be something sweet or savoury depending on where you live. What do you like eating for breakfast? Taipei, Taiwan: Tina and Chang have fried breadsticks and a cup of warm soybean milk

HERAT, AFGHANISTAN One Day So Many WaysHometime- Herat, Afghanistan

School is over for the day and it’s time to go home. How do you get home from school and who picks you up? Herat, Afghanistan Hakim rides home from school on his brother’s bike. He balances on the back while his brother pedals.


This book has a very appealing appearance.  There are two page spreads, each with multiple small illustrations and commentary.  Every page is vivid, bright and a joy to look at.

One Day So Many Ways is about daily life in a variety of countries.  With headings like School, Waking Up, After School Activities, Friends, Family Time, Meals, etc. children are shown experiencing the same activity but within their own unique culture.  This is not a deep dive but there is enough to show that life both does and does not vary from country to country.

This book will give your elementary school child the chance to see that our world is full of amazing experiences.

Thanks NetGalley and the publisher!


OneDaySoManyWays #NetGalley

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