Now out in paperback-Still Me by Moyes

Me Before You was truly a breakout book for Jojo Moyes. It was not her first book. Other novels that she has written include Ship of Brides, Windfallen, and Last Letter to My Lover (which I liked very much), among others. The sequel to Me Before You was Me After You. Honestly, I found that one to not be nearly as good. Then came Still Me. Still Me was an excellent read. In this one, Louisa finds her footing after some ups and downs. She has moved to Manhattan where she becomes the assistant to a wealthy second wife. It would be easy to caricature Mrs. Gopnick but Ms. Moyes does not do this; the reader feels empathy for her, along with the elderly woman whose dog’s name is Dean Martin and the building’s doorman and his family. There are two romances for Louisa, one with Sam (from Book Two) and one with Josh. Read the book to find out who the better man is. Louisa’s family also figures in the novel; her sister finds a happier life and her parents move forward as well. This book feels like it will be the last one about Louisa. She has been given a very good send off!

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