For young ornithologists-Counting Birds by Stemple

Do you know a child who loves nature?  One who is interested in birds?  If yes, this could be a lovely addition to their bookshelf.

There is lots of talk about the environment these days.  In this book, children will discover that nature and preservation were being discussed in 1900 as well.  This book tells the story of Frank Chapman and his contributions.  About Mr. C:

“He worked at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City…He wrote book and magazine articles about birds.  He studied birds’ habits and habitats…Frank Chapman loved birds.”

Mr Chapman was dismayed by sport hunting that took place on Christmas Day.  He initiated changes that led to bird counts rather than bird culls.  This book tells how he did that and how today’s young explorers can become bird counters too.

The book has informative illustrations.  These include pictures of a number of bird species.  There are additional resources and suggestions at the back of the book.  The note from the author is also interesting.  We learn that she was the little girl in Jane Yolen’s book, Owl Moon.

Thanks to NetGalley and Quarto for this great book on nature and birds.


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