Just released by Anne Perry-A Christmas Revelation

Anne Perry has been writing Christmas novellas for many years; A Christmas Revelation is this year’s entry. This is a story about Worm, a precocious orphan, who lives at a shelter/ women’s clinic whose bookkeeper is a reformed criminal named Squeaky. Readers of the William Monk series will recognize the clinic as the one where Hester works and will also know that Squeaky is a regular series character.

Worm sees a beautiful woman on the street who appears angelic to him. When he realizes that she is in trouble, Worm wants to help. Because he cares for Worm, Squeaky becomes involved in a somewhat convoluted plot to help her. Their efforts form the plot of the novella.

In the fore and backgrounds of the story is the spirit of Christmas as is appropriate for this seasonal book. The reader observes as Worm learns the meaning of the holiday and has, what appears to be, his first true holiday celebration.

Long term fans of Anne Perry will want to read this book so as to be up to date with all of her series and characters. However, much as I love Anne Perry, I have enjoyed several of her holiday novellas more than this one.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. I very much wanted to read this book.

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