A true favorite-Almost Everything by Anne Lamott

Almost Everything: Notes on Hope by [Lamott, Anne]Praise for Almost Everything:

“Anne Lamott has a rare talent for making writing look easy… Given the warmth, liveliness and intimacy of her prose, time with one of her books can feel like a visit with a friend.”Wall Street Journal

“Part memoir, part manual and part sermon from the church of Lamott, this satisfying escape points to notes of beauty in our uncertain world.” People

“Like a feminist C.S. Lewis, [Lamott] talks about God, politics and other unmentionables, and gently exhorts her readers, as she does herself, to find joy in a bleak and chaotic world: a leftie guru of optimism.” The New York Times 

“[Lamott] cheers us on with her blend of sobering truth and essential inspiration.”Parade Magazine

“Many are deeply blessed by Ms. Lamott’s down-to-Earth spirituality, her cleverness, her ability to tell a story with a moral, or at least with a sensible point.”Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

And me…

I have been listening to Almost Everything as a recorded book and it has been a wonderful (full of wonder) experience.  Narrated by the author with her cadences and emphases, this has been a moving listen.  Ms. Lamott captures wonder and despair; anxiety and joy; reasons against hope and reason to hope. There is talk of death, addiction, the perils of advice giving and the beauties of life and connection.  There is much understanding along with good reason not to despair.  The author’s  humanity, warmth, sensitivity and humor are truly special.    I recommend Almost Everything most highly.   FIVE STARS!!!

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