E-book bargains-Mary Stewart

This Rough MagicNine Coaches WaitingMadam, Will You Talk?The Ivy TreeThunder on the RightThe Gabriel HoundsAirs Above the GroundJust last night I was thinking about how much I enjoyed Mary Stewart’s novels when I was younger.  Imagine my surprise when seven (!) of the novels came up as e-book bargains today.

I would describe the author’s books, which were originally published over fifty years ago, as romantic suspense at its best, with a literary flair.  The flair is seen in the quotes that head up each chapter.  Each novel is a standalone and each takes place in a location that you will enjoy visiting, for example, Provence or Corfu or Crete or the Pyrenees.

I am looking forward to re-reading some of these novels.  They seem like the perfect antidote as holiday stress comes into play…and by the way, the covers are so gorgeous!

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