An e-book bargain-Charles Todd

A Test of WillsThis is the first in a long running and very good series set in the aftermath of WWI.  The protagonist, Ian Rutledge, is haunted by the ghost of a solder whom he was forced to kill for cowardice.  Hamish’s presence enhances the book as it helps the reader to better understand Inspector Rutledge.

An interesting fact…Charles Todd is really a mother/son writing team.

From Library Journal

Inspector Ian Rutledge, a British veteran of the Great War secretly still suffering from shell-shock, returns to his Scotland Yard job in hopes of exorcizing his private demons. However, a devious higher-up has learned of his Achilles heel and gets Ian assigned to a potentially explosive and career-damaging case?a murder involving a decorated war hero, a beautiful ward, and a shell-shocked witness. Strong, elegant prose; detailed surroundings; and sound plotting characterize this debut historical?the first in a projected series. Highly recommended.
Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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