An appetizer-Small Plates by Katherine Hall Page. An e-book bargain

Small Plates: Short Fiction by [Page, Katherine Hall]Katherine Hall Page has written a series of cozies featuring Faith Fairchild.  Faith is a New York City caterer who falls in love with a minister in small town Aleford, Mass.  The books follow Faith’s relationship with her husband, her children, her friends and her community.  They are reliably good cozy mysteries.

Today, Small Plates, is an e-book bargain.  If you want, you can taste this author through her short stories and then decide if you would like to read the novels.


“A tasty introduction to Agatha Award–winner Page’s popular mystery series.” (Publishers Weekly)

“A variety of tasty short morsels that will whet [Page’s] fans’ appetites…Well paced and will leave the reader satisfied, as a good short story should… [A] delectable treat.” (Library Journal)

“The perfect accompaniment to the summer vacation or a simple afternoon on the porch swing…delicious.” (Daily News)

“Serves up, in miniature, the kinds of old-fashioned puzzle mysteries that fans of writers like Agatha Christie crave.” (Boston Globe)

From the Back Cover

Katherine Hall Page, author of the beloved Faith Fairchild series, invites you to enjoy her first ever collection of short fiction. Readers will delight in the broad range of these mysteries—tales to suit every taste and mood.

Page’s stories will take readers from the skyscrapers of Manhattan to the dunes of Cape Cod and “Across the Pond.” Her characters include a man who longs for widowhood, dreaming of attention from the casserole brigade—good women lining up at his door with offerings of food and perhaps themselves. A British bride calls Faith and her sister for help after a series of alarming “accidents.” And Faith herself is almost “Sliced” in a reality TV show when the competition turns deadly.

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