Enjoy Corfu: This Rough Magic by Stewart

This Rough MagicI happily read all of the books by Mary Stewart when I was younger.  My mom had some of them at hand.  They were always enjoyable reads.  As is the case with This Rough Magic, the books always had intelligent heroines, interesting settings, mystery and romance.  This one features Lucy, an out of work actress, who spends time with her sister on Corfu.  There are death, accident and adventure in this story.  Who is Godfrey and what is he doing on Corfu?  Why is an older actor holed up there and what is his son doing on the island?  With a cast of both local and visiting characters, this is a good read for those who would like a bit of escape.

The critics:

“A magical concoction brewed from the most disparate plot elements. . . . A warm and sunny book, for all its violence.”  —New York Times

“Romantic, suspenseful, delightful.”  —Columbus Dispatch

“The best sort of romantic suspense, the kind that only Mary Stewart could write.”  —Nancy Pearl, author, Book Lust to Go

“Mary Stewart’s writing is magical, with every word and phrase carefully chosen for beauty and sound and shape. . . . One marvels at the exquisite evocation of scene.”  —Los Angeles Times

“Wonderfully evoked atmosphere . . . fine plotting and suspense.”  —San Francisco Chronicle

“Suspense and romance, expertly mingled.”  —Observer

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