One that I am excited about: The Gown by Robson

The Gown: A Novel of the Royal Wedding by [Robson, Jennifer]Fans of The Crown rejoice!  This book is published today and although I have only read a bit,  I am quite excited.  This novel, set in post WWII England, is a story about the women who made Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gown.  Part of the story takes place in 1940s Britain while there is also a modern thread (no pun intended).  I think that this will be an absorbing and fun read. Start the year right with this one.  (Full review to follow)

“Robson deftly weaves issues of class, trauma, romance, and female friendship with satisfying details of Ann and Miriam’s craft. This unique take on the royal wedding will be an easy sell to fans of Netflix’s The Crown and a sure bet for readers of women-centered historical fiction.” (Booklist (starred review))

“Robson vividly brings to life these three women’s struggles. Historical details about fabric, embroidery, and the royal family are well incorporated into their stories, with light romance rounding out this charming work of historical fiction.”   (Library Journal)

“Robson’s novel shifts deftly between… Toronto to London in 2016… giving meticulous attention to the historical detail of post–World War II London. A fascinating glimpse into the world of design, the healing power of art, and the importance of women’s friendships.”
(Kirkus Reviews)

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