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My earlier review of this title:

As soon as I finish reading a Ruth Galloway mystery, I long for the next one to come out.  I very highly recommend the series.  The characters are quirky, the relationships complicated, the settings well described and…the mysteries are good too.

In this latest novel, Ruth, a forensic archaeologist, travels to Italy.  She is accompanied by her friend Shona, Shona’s son and Ruth’s daughter, Kate.  Nelson, a police inspector and Cathbad, a Druid (yes!) eventually travel to Italy as well. The Italian town setting is eerily described.

Ruth has come to Italy to offer an opinion on ancient bones but bones from WW II also come to light.  There is intrigue and murder.  All is eventually solved.

Best of all, there are the relationships; Ruth and Nelson, Nelson and Michelle, Michelle and Tim, for the adults and other relationships between parents and their children including Ruth and Kate, Nelson and Kate and Michelle and Laura.

While the mysteries are good, it is quirky, eccentric Ruth and her relationship with Nelson that I most eagerly follow.  If you have read the series, rejoice in this latest entry and, if you haven’t, start from the beginning and rejoice in discovering a fine series.

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