Now in Paperback: The Pearl Sister

Product DetailsI’ve already blogged about the first three books in this series; they are The Seven Sisters, The Storm Sister and The Shadow Sister.  So…that makes The Pearl Sister, book four, with three more  still to come.  I was very eager to read this book so ordered it from England as it had not yet released in the U.S..   As in all of the novels in the series, this one is about a sister who was adopted as a baby.  CeeCee, learns about herself and her birth family along with the reader.  Parts of the novel take place in the present while the story of CeeCee’s birth family takes place in the past.  The parts of the novel join together well.  The characters are vivid and their stories well developed.  Australia is the setting for much of the novel and the historical background was fascinating; I learned about pearl divers, the fate of children who were sent to orphanages because of being aborigine and Caucasian and about aboriginal art and beliefs.  Some suspension of disbelief is required but I was more than willing.  If you enjoy historical/present tense novels with a good story in a long book, this one is for you

UPDATE:  I am currently reading the next in the series, The Moon Sister and will blog about it in the future.

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