Math is fun: The Picnic Problem

Another in the STEAM series, this one focuses on “M,” math.  Simple concepts are taught in this book which has charming and appealing illustrations throughout.

What a way to start the day:

“Three, two, one,

it’s time for fun,

a maths picnic awaits…

your first clue is waiting on the gates.


Miss Add-It-Up”

Just like that an adventure begins…

Concepts explored in this story include addition and subtraction, shapes and names and multiplication and division. Children can solve the problems along the way and will quickly gain confidence as budding mathematicians.  They will also see that Math has many practical applications in daily life, as for example, figuring out how many sandwiches a person gets to eat!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for another good entry in a good series.

Multiplication and divisionIf Miss Add-It-Up divides her pie into 10 slices, how many slices will each person receive? If Miss Add-It-Up shares 15 sandwiches equally, how many will everyone have?

shapes and names

Can you name these four shapes?

Your turn: Can you find examples of these shapes in your home? What other shapes can you find and name?

#SteamStoriesThePicnicProblemMaths #NetGalley

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