For help with anxiety, a children’s title: Mindful Bea and the Worry Tree

This is another entry in the series published by the American Psychological Association. Thanks to them and to NetGalley for the e-galley of this book which was given to me in exchange for my honest opinion.

The illustrations in this book are appealing and much of the text is rhyming. Bea is expressive throughout. Bea starts out as a pretty happy kid. However as Bea starts to think about her birthday party, she begins to worry about all that could go wrong. She perseverates in her thinking and her worries grow and grow, as shown in the illustrations of the willow branches with leaves. Plenty of space is given to Bea’s concerns. Her mother tries to help and Bea also helps herself through mindful breathing, a good technique and one that is empowering.

I think that this book could be helpful to children who experience excessive anxiety. I also feel that it would be important to talk with whoever is reading this book, as they may feel more worried as they see all of the things that Bea worries about. This story serves as a reminder that children’s anxieties should be respected and addressed, not jollied away. It is another helpful entry in a helpful series.

#MindfulBeaAndTheWorryTree #NetGalley

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