Emotional education: Feelings Forecasters

This book invites children to be meteorologists in their own emotional climates.  The analogy between weather conditions and feelings provides the context for the activities and reflections in the well illustrated text.  This is a book that will help children to safely explore their feelings and will then provide them with echniques that will help them to manage in daily life.

In my opinion, this book is a book for children to explore with a trusted adult.  In order for them  to complete the challenges, children clearly would need to feel safe. Thus, Feelings Forecasters deserves a place in schools that focus on the “whole child,” as all schools should.  It could also be a good resource for children who are in the foster care system who could explore the activities with peers and a trusted counselor.

Feelings Forecasters is a rather sophisticated book.  Adults may initially need to help children to buy into its agenda.  If they can become invested, children will have the opportunity to better understand themselves and to manage in a complex environment.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this informative and emotionally resourceful read.  The opinions are my own.

#FeelingsForecasters #NetGalley

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