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On the Playground is a non-fiction title that introduces children to the ways in which prejudice can be hurtful and damaging. In an afterword, the author states: “When I was growing up, it was common to see other kids being bullied…Much to my shame, I remember doing nothing…I encourage all readers of this book to make better choices than I did.” The author wrote this book to help children understand and do better.

This is an informational text. It does not have a fictional story line. There are illustrations that are multi-cultural and multi-contextual. There is a hybrid of what seems like a read aloud with other sections that are related and instructional.

To this reader, the book did not seem like one that a child would pick up and read but more one that would be part of a discussion in a school setting. While I admired what the author hoped to, and does in many ways accomplish, I found the book to be a bit dry. Using this book as a jumping off point for discussion makes sense to me.

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