Moms who care: My Mom Always Looks After Me So Much

This is a short picture book story in which a young gorilla (standing in for a human child) shows some of the ways that his mom cares for him. The two are on their way to the doctor where the young animal will need to have a shot. He is supported by his mom and a kind doctor. When he leaves his reward candy on the bus, little gorilla’s mom takes him back to the office so that he can collect another treat. Children listening to the story see that mom and the doctor are caring and have good intentions.

The young gorilla shows other ways that his mom cares for him. There is humor in this because young gorilla conveys that maybe his mom at times cares for him too much, making him do things that he might not want to do!

A note on the illustrations: They are engaging and amusing. Look for the rabbit with a pot on his head.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this read. The opinions are my own.

#MyMomAlwaysLooksAfterMeSoMuch #NetGalley

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