Now in Paperback

This is the first book that I have read by Lauren Willig. She is well known for her Pink Carnation Series and has also written standalone novels. The English Wife, (a standalone), was a page turner. To me, the book was like Jane Eyre crossed with Rebecca. If those are novels that you enjoyed, you may well enjoy The English Wife too!  Thanks for this book NetGalley.  It will be published in January.

I have been reading Ms. Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs’s novels ever since the first one was published back in 2003.  When the series began, the world was facing WWI.  Now. a number of books later, WWII is coming ever closer to England.

Against the backdrop of the rescue at Dunkirk, the author tells a story that includes a murder, heroism, a spy and war profiteering.  In writing this one, the author drew upon the experiences of her father during the war years.

The reader also spends time with Maisie’s in-laws, her father, Priscilla and her family, her employees and war time evacuee, Anna.  Long term readers of the series will rejoice in the opportunity to visit with them.

I have read books in the series that I liked a tad better but I NEVER regret time spent with Ms. Dobbs.  You won’t either.

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