Welcome Back, Inspector Banks: Careless Love

Careless Love: A DCI Banks Novel (Inspector Banks Novels)         Careless Love: DCI Banks 25(

U.S. Cover                                                             British cover

I have read every title in Peter Robinson’s Inspector Banks series so I can say with full confidence that I found this to be one of his best.  The mystery itself is suspenseful.  The team and my favorite characters are all present.  Relationships are reviewed, explored and in some cases deepened.  Banks is just so interesting to spend time with; he (as the author’s surrogate) knows so much about music, poetry and the arts.

In this one, Banks reflects on many of his past relationships.  There is a hint of intrigue between him and Zelda, a woman who lives with, long term character Annie’s, father.  At times, I found the book elegaic and wondered if it would be Robinson’s last.  However, the very end of the book leaves me hopeful that there will be more.

The story has to do with two seemingly unrelated crimes that come together.  The story line is pertinent in both the front story and in the story of Zelda as it explores how women are treated and may be sexually exploited.

Don’t just take my word for how good this book is!

“As usual, Robinson provides a solid police procedural enhanced by the rugged Yorkshire setting. Banks himself—jazz and solitude-loving, difficult, somewhat melancholic, unlucky in love—is always fascinating… [F]or series fans, this one is a sure bet.” (Booklist on Careless Love)

“Engrossing… Those who enjoy methodical police procedurals that build to a logical, satisfying conclusion will be amply rewarded.” (Publishers Weekly on Careless Love)

“Robinson fans will enjoy the latest entry in this long-running series…Well-written and believable, with recognizable but multifaceted characters and enough twists to keep the story riveting until the mystery is solved.” (Library Journal on Careless Love)

Careless Love is another entertaining novel in the Inspector Banks series.” (The Hamilton Spectator on Careless Love)

“A mighty force to be reckoned with in crime fiction.” (Publishers Weekly on Peter Robinson)

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