A beautiful book for adventurers both young and old: The Lost Book of Adventure

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So a little bit about me:  I am an urban dweller and perhaps not the most adventurous.  However, I would love to have been the (unknown) author of this absolutely gorgeous book.  She appears to have been fearless, resourceful, interested in all the world has to offer and yes, a good writer and a marvelous illustrator.

I loved (!) the artwork in this book.  Sometimes it was intricate and detailed, for example, showing in drawings the items that should be in a first aid kit.  Other times, it was an illustration of a beautiful place.  Much of the artwork was in muted tones of blues, purples, greens, yellows, etc.  that drew me in.

A brief  summary of the table of contents gives a sense of what is in store. There are headings (and a sample of subheadings) below including

Camp Wild (Becoming a Navigator, Planning Your Own Adventure and Tents)

Rafts (Raft Ingredients, Secret Island Expeditions and Wild Swimming)

Shelters, Dens, and Tree Houses (Night Among the Nomads, Shelters in the Sahara and Planning a Nighttime Forest Shelter)

Exploration (How to Climb a Mountain, Canoe Knowledge and Get Your Bike Adventure Ready) and

Useful Knowledge  (Lashing, First Aid Kits and Lifesaving Scenarios)

The editor of this book states that its contents were found in an old hut, in a tin case in the Amazon.  The editor states: “Hopefully, it will inspire us all to step into the wild and live a life of adventure, too.”  I agree.

I give this book five stars and think that it will appeal to those of many ages, backgrounds and braveness levels.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a wonderful book.

The Lost Book of Adventure: from the notebooks of the Unknown Adventurer


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