Now in paperback: The Punishment She Deserves by George

I have read every novel that Elizabeth George has written, starting with A Great Deliverance.  I felt that, in recent years, the books were not nearly as good as their predecessors.  I thought about giving this one a pass and am very glad that I did not.  Ms George was in good form all the way through this almost 700 page novel.

Ostensibly the story is about what happened to a young man, Ian Druitt, a church worker, who dies while in police custody.  But…this is much more a story about parenting with too much intensity, especially on the parts of the story’s mothers.  There is the high up police officer who believes that her son may have committed a horrific crime, the mother who thinks she knows what her daughter should do and whom she should not marry and series character, Isabelle Ardery, whose toxic relationship with alcohol is poisoning her relationship with her children.  Who of them is the one who gets “The Punishment She Deserves?” What of the fathers?    How much can we or should we control others?  How is justice best served? Can police be corrupt?  You will consider these issues as you spend time with series regulars Thomas Lynley and Barbara Havers in a tale that, at times, is quite tragic.

This book can be read as a stand alone or embraced by series regulars.  I very highly recommend it.

Praise for The Punishment She Deserves

“Rich with descriptive detail and emotional nuance. Several alternating plot threads unspool at length, all of which weave tightly together with pleasing inevitability. . . . What has been said before deserves repeating: From suspense to social commentary, from violence to pathos, from villainy to possible redemption, Ms. George can do it all, with style.”
—Wall Street Journal

“Elizabeth George has created journeys for Havers and Lynley before and this, yet again, falls among the ‘must reads’ in the suspense world. For new readers getting onboard and for those who have loved these characters for a while now, this book is one you do not want to miss.”
—Suspense Magazine

“Bolstered by George’s polished prose, the twentieth Lynley mystery moves briskly along, showing the author at the peak of her powers.”
Booklist (starred review)

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