Boss the Bestseller list like J K Rowling by Moss

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From the publisher:  “A new series of empowering biographies featuring modern women in the world of work.”

I have recently been re-reading the Harry Potter books and have again been struck by how talented J K Rowling is. Below is a small part of my recent post on the novels:

Let me just say that J K Rowling rightly deserves her place in children’s literature. She cleverly tells a variation on a boarding school story, a classic quest tale, an orphan’s story, a story about friendship and a tale about the importance of good trying to overcome evil.

Having just re-immersed myself in this world, I was thrilled to receive an e-galley of a children’s title that tells J K Rowling’s own story. The book is interspersed with her quotes and these add resonance to the text. The illustrations are bold and suit the title.

Young readers will learn about young Jo Rowling’s struggles. Her mother was sick, she did not get along well with her father, she had difficulty “reaching her potential” at school and faced both joy (having a daughter) and struggle (a divorce, financial hardship). The reader learns as well that Jo Rowling liked to tell stories and that books were important to her. They will see how she kept on writing as Harry’s story was vividly clear to her and she needed to get it down.

Young readers will learn about J K Rowling’s persistence and eventual success. They will see too how she has used part of her wealth to help others. There is a section at the end of the book to encourage young people to write.

All in all, this is a promising entry in a promising new series. Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this read. All opinions are my own.

The Teen who Lived

Chapter 2 The Teen who Lived

It was not a perfect childhood for Jo. When she was only 15, her mother Anne was diagnosed with a muscular illness called MS. The shocking diagnosis stunned Jo and the rest of her family. All of a sudden, everything Jo had come to rely on was falling out from underneath her, and she found herself holding tight to the time she shared with her mother.

Chapter 4 I Have an Idea

Chapter 4 I Have an Idea

The train was stalled yet again, but at least Jo had a seat. She started to daydream about her newest idea, a fantasy story about a boy wizard. But in the beginning, he doesn’t know he’s a wizard. He just thinks he’s a normal boy. Then he finds out the truth, and adventure unfolds…

Was this interesting? Jo thought. She looked around the crowded train at the other commuters making their way into London. Would any of


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