Now out: An important woman; Susan B Anthony by Kanefield

Susan B. Anthony: The Making of America #4Susan B Anthony is someone who often comes to mind when considering iconic American women. Her influence has become widespread over time.

Susan Anthony is the only woman featured in a series of four books on prominent Americans written by this author. This places her in company with Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson. In my opinion, she can hold her own.

The reader learns about the early influences on Susan Anthony who was an observer of all around her. As she grew up, Susan saw that the rights of women were not valued or protected. Over the course of her life, she fought for change for women as detailed in this biography.

This is an excellent entry in a series that should appeal to middle grade students. Adults who read this book will also feel better informed. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this fine read.


A fine biography, both enlightening and entertaining, on a critical topic.”

(Kirkus Reviews)

“An excellent introduction to a woman that should be remembered for her tireless work to get women the right to vote and live as they chose.”

(School Library Connection)

“Susan B. Anthony, who fought tirelessly for women to have the right to vote, is profiled in this very readable entry in the Making of America series.”


“Kanefield presents the entire package of [Anthony’s] activism over a remarkably lengthy career.”

(The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books)

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