A brilliant book: Brilliant Ideas from Wonderful Women by Lopes and illustrated by Lozano

#BrilliantIdeasFromWonderfulWomen #NetGalley

This short book is about fifteen impressive inventions that were created by women.  To name just a few…the windshield wiper, the car heater, kevlar, medical diagnostic tests, the syringe, the life raft and early wifi technology.  A great book for women’s history month.   It hightlights women’s creativity and will remind children that good ideas can lead to new products that we all use.

This book has the perfect team of writer and illustrator.  The text is informative.  The illustrations are bold, humorous and very appealing.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a fun and inspiring read.  Perfect for grade schoolers.


The First E-Book: Ángela Ruiz Robles

Ángela created the predecessor of what we know now as the e-book, called the ‘mechanical encyclopaedia’. Th e invention contained multiple reels of different books that could be interchanged depending on what you wanted to read. It even had a light for reading in the dark and the possibility for audio functionality!

CAR HEATER Margaret A. Wilcox

The Car Heater Margaret A. Wilcox

Born in Chicago, Margaret was one of the few female mechanical engineers of her time. She enjoyed coming up with inventions that would improve people’s lives – ones that anyone could use.

At the time cars had no heating. Margaret, and everyone she knew would freeze during the long hours they spent behind the wheel. Can you imagine getting the bus in the middle of winter with snow all around you, and nothing to keep you warm? Brrr! Margaret wanted to put an end to the cold conditions that drivers had to endure. In 1893, when Margaret was only 34 years old, she devised a mechanism that directed the waste hot air from the vehicle’s engine to the driver’s seat.

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